Developing safe and responsible gun owners who can defend themselves in times of need is our goal. Also to provide a safe and protected atmosphere to increase firearms proficiency.

    Adaptable Street Solutions is the prodigy of a love for shooting that began nearly 30 years ago for founder and CEO, Tom Streeter. Just like most folks, Tom’s love for shooting began at a young age, shooting with his grandfather and father. The drive to be better and beat the old crusty sage’s at their own sport was a simple desire then.

    In 1996, Tom enlisted into the United States Marine Corps where, as an infantryman, his shooting skills were further developed. In 1999, Tom began his career at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and was adamant about being as proficient as possible with his firearm. The range staff noticed his skillset and his daily (and voluntary) attendance at the range. One day he was approached about teaching at the Tactical Training Center and the range, and the rest was history.

    In 2009, Tom left the Sheriff’s department with 9 years of firearms teaching experience and a CA P.O.S.T. firearms instructor certificate. After his career as a Deputy, he began working for the United States Marine Corps as a full-time firearms instructor; gaining the NRA Law Enforcement Instructor certification. During this time, the idea to develop a business manifested into the inception of Adaptable Street Solutions.

    During Tom’s tenure as an instructor his passion for sharing his love of shooting has never ceased. Developing safe and responsible gun owners has always been Tom’s goal, even with a dynamic student base.
Finding a reliable and safe place to enhance your firearms proficiency can be an arduous process and we get that at Adaptable Street Solutions. Just remember that here, safety and efficiency are our goals. That may mean some hurt feelers on the range from time to time, but we absolutely will not compromise on safety. Whether you want a marksmanship merit badge class for a boy scout troop or an advanced pistol class, we’ve got the product for you. We look forward to serving you and meeting your firearms training needs.


Tom Streeter
Founder/CEO Adaptable Street Solutions